Taking the cue from Kuwait, where a blogger was detained thanks to a comment left by an anonymous blogger, Syria decided to jump the gun and ban anonymous comments on blogs and online forums altogether!

According to The Skeptic:

The Syrian Ministry of Telecommunications has issued a memo requiring owners of Syrian Web sites to “feature the name of the writer of the article and the person commenting on it in a clear and detailed way.”

hehe ... the burning question is: Will Bahrain follow?

After all, we Arabs follow to the letter the adage: Monkey Sees, Monkey Does!


Ammaro said...

But remember, Bahrain doesn't copy Syria. Bahrain copies everything Dubai does!

Yazan said...

Thats not entirely true. The ban was only for Syrian news websites. Actually the Minister was clear saying that the ban does not apply to blogs and forums.

It doesnt make it any better, but still for the record.



SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Yazan for the update.. emm.. You are right.. it still doesn't make it any better .. and if Bahrain is to copy the UAE as Ammar, suggests... then boy we are in TROUBLE!

Ammaro said...

We're screwed Ameera! At least that's one reason you should be happy you're in Canada

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

hehe.. I am in Canada for NOW.. and then what?

Is returning going to be difficult??

Ammaro said...

i say, keep your jackets in canada :)

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