Arabian has left a new comment on your post "Dell Vs Apple":

I guess ur lost and confused Silly Gurl cuz of ur damaged brain cells and u can't take an action ,, that shows how much that ur silly ,, use ur brain girl to compare between all those tech. stuff and if u couldn't use ur brain u might use something else ;) ...

LOL! This is a comment which was posted on a previous post from many months ago just today! The little twit went through the trouble of registering with Blogger under a pseudonym just to pass on this message! Since it will be buried way down in an old post, I think it is only right that I pull it up here. Something was itching that poor loser so hard, he/she couldn't resist belittling him/herself in a nonsensical comment difficult to decode.

Isn't it a shame that people whose brains are the size of peanuts have access to computers and the internet. Instead of benefiting from their time online, they are making fools of themselves and further emphasising the message that children shouldn't be left to play with matches alone.

And to sign that ridiculous comment as Arabian is disgusting to say the least.. because its adds the word 'retard' to our already colourful description.

I am proud to be Arab but it shames me to have such specimens as the above amongst us. What do you think?


Qwaider قويدر said...

let bygones be bygones .. it's not worth your trouble

At least he didn't tell you you can't think because you're a girl! :)

Bilalٍ said...

Look at the bright side, you have one more reader

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Qwaider!
Bygones are bygones :)

And thanks Bilal :)

Barsawad said...

I never wanted to moderate comments on my blog; but I had to, due to such 'people'. They always use pseudonyms and can at times be very abusive.

Because the person used 'Arabian', it doesn't mean he/she is Arab. In fact, because he/she is trying to lead you in to believing so - I believe most likely he isn't.

It's not worth the trouble at all bothering about such dimwits. At the same time, it is good you made this post specifically on that comment and showed how shallow and wasteful some Internet users are.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Omar for your words of wisdom and for dropping by. It is an honour to have a friend from Yemen comment on this humble blog!

Shusma said...

Silly Bahraini,

The "Arabian" guy probably is just angry because once again he was overlooked for a promotion at his job. This time instead of the job going to a more qualified Indian male it probably went to a more qualified Indian female and as such his little heart is filled with anti-woman hatred by now.

Bravecat said...

You can't help but marvel at such eloquence ;-)

I only wonder what else other than brain could you use to "compare between all those tech. stuff"?


SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks CSS! Don't know who in his right mind would give out Arabian troll a job though!

Qatar Cat,
Nice to have you back! That sure was a masterpiece!

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