After Tree Day, Poverty Day, No Smoking Day, No Littering Day and No Nose Picking Day, we celebrate World Blog Day today!

To celebrate this auspicious occasion, I would like to share with you a few blogs I have come across. Being a woman, I will naturally select blogs by fellow bloggerettes! Being a rebel, I will start with a blog which some of you might find crosses the norms!

1. Blue Ice Envy:

Blue Ice Envy from what I gather is a lovely Kuwaiti blogger, who studies in France. She is bold, uninhibited, and funny. BIE has no problems discussing sexuality, one-night stands and her lesbian flings. It is so awesome coming from an Arab blogger from Kuwait. She is also brave and is battling a disease which she says will not let her down.

Here's a post, which left me in stitches. It includes a chart of all the people BIE
was .. erm.. intimate with. Now come on.. how many girls will admit to that?? Also, what type of memory can remember all that.. But we aren't dealing with a dull Jill here .. and BIE actually speaks up to five languages!

She also isn't candid about her feelings:

Let me see... there was Tall Guy, Mummy's Son, Dirty Guy, Berk, The 5th Element, The Liar, Nigger, Lost Guy, Tigger, Small Guy, and The Dentist. I had no feelings to any of these, I just wanted to have sex and although I did not sleep with them all, it still felt good. I can hardly remember anything else but me kissing or having sex!

The funny thing is; Lost Guy -who used to be a serial one-night-stand guy- could not stand the fact that I did not want to talk to him or know more about him! I just wanted to have sex and he wanted to prove that he could have a more classical relationship! The sex was great but as soon as I came out of my bedroom I became distant and couldn't wait until he leaves! I could not stand him at all!

And she apparently is writing a book. Can't wait for BIE's book to come out.

2. This is a blog by Hatshepsut, from Egypt.. It is interesting and intellectual.

3. From Iraq, I enjoy reading Sunshine's blog.

4. Still in Iraq, Neurotic Iraqi Wife's blog gets intense sometimes.

And last but not least is Turkish Delight, from Utah, US, who has a soul of gold!


Ammaro said...

Nice list.. Will check them out... but...


and bloggerette, is that even a word?

Lizardo said...

life's gettin so much weirder!

BuZain said...

Thanks SBG for the blog roundup. I spent some time on the Blue Ice Envy blog and it is interestingly provocative, but beyond the sex and the fetish talk, What is it that you see in this blog that deserves to be noted?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks BuZain.. the voice of reason..Like you, I found it provocative, different, bold and without inhibitions whatsoever. I mean, taking out the subject matter, this is a person who speaks her mind freely, regardless of what people think or how society reacts to her story-telling.

Coming from someone from Kuwait, I found myself rolling my eyes. I was: Oh MY ..

But on second thoughts, this is exactly what a lot of girls and women, some married, are doing in our hush-hush society and not one of them has enough balls to admit it!

And then we go: the West is this and America is that .. not realising that those in stone houses shouldn't throw others with stones!

BuZain said...

I see your point. It is like a window to the hidden corners of our societies. Things you hear, maybe even see, but never admit to be true.

Apart of her being a Kuwaiti, it's just like a scene from Sex and the City. Maybe it is me, but I don't see it openness. It is more like using all the sex talk to hide things deep inside that are not yet settled. For me, I see a personal struggle.

You know what, it is kinda scary having such a window opened. With all the fanaticism around us, do we as a society have the inner discipline to adapt to what is coming down the road when the global village's set of moral standards prevail?

Or maybe we all will end up blown into pieces by soldiers of god.

Nonetheless, Blue Ice Envy is an interesting read and I'll definitely revisit.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Oops... I had a typo in my previous comment ... that should have read those in 'glasshouses' ... serves me right for typing with my eyes shut ...

Bu Zain,
Thanks for your insight. Yes, there seems to a lot of things amiss in there .. but that is a blog worth keeping an eye on ... especially if there is a book coming out!!

Anonymous said...
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