This was the full moon as witnessed from my apartment window on August 29. Let's see when Ramadhan starts, when Eid will be and whether our Muslim brethren, who are bond by a pact of unity, observe the holy month on the same day.

When we were growing up, having Eid start over a few days depending on which turban you followed was great. It gave us the opportunity to meet up with non-observant friends on the first day (which is usually the official one declared by Bahrain), then have lunch at one family house on the second and lunch in another house on the third! The problem actually happens when everyone observes Eid on the first day and you have to cram a million and one visits in the short span of a day .. and then make time to see friends and relax in a non-stress environment.

Let's toss a coin and see what happens this year. Will it be a united Sunni-Shia Eid .. or an Eid spread over a few days while the long beards and turbans battle it out?


Either way, I will celebrate Eid on the day I think it is appropriate!


Ammaro said...

I remember there used to be years when sunni and shiia ramadhan/eid used to fall on different dates, and others where they used to coincide. That was ages ago.

I dunno if it's just me, but ridiculously, during the recent years it seems these dates don't coincide any more. I think they're doing it on purpose now; they want to be completely separated. Silly, isn't it? Or am I paranoid?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

You aren't paranoid at all .. it is a trend and says a lot about changing times, and how as societies we are slipping backwards.

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