The other day I was sitting here all alone in my apartment. It was a cold icy day. There was no one on the streets outside. Nothing moved. Not even cars. And it was pin drop silent. The phones wouldn't ring. I am not a TV person .. so no.. that remained shut.. and it was just so so so quiet. All of a sudden.. I heard a sharp COO COO COOOO COOOO COOO. I froze for a split second and then burst out laughing.

Guess who was making the bird noise? And why?

Taking me by surprise, it was SILLY ME that was cooooooing! The cow could have MOOOOOED so that I knew it was me.. or MEOWED, in keeping with tradition.. but COO COOO COOOO was totally new and alien!

Poor me wasn't going crazy .. as you all know .. that I am probably past that stage. I was alone. Scared. Lonely. Caged. I felt I was a bird in a CAGE. It was too cold to go out. It was too lonely to stay in. I needed to talk.. or hear someone talk.

The cooooing cheered me up.. and made me laugh .. I laughed so much until I could no longer breathe. Tears were streaming down my face. And then I stopped laughing. And it was no longer funny. It was sad that I am so so so so alone.


BuZain said...

You are not alone SBG.
Please accept this little e-Gift from me.

El-Gizuli said...

hey there not so silly Bahraini girl

I was wondering how could I contact you? via email? I have a couple of qsts as a fellow blogger that I thought I could direct to you

Many thx and sorry I'm doing this in public :-)

Rara Avis

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Bu Zain for the lovely rose!

Rara, My email is sillybahrainigirlATgmailDOTcom

My webmaster is also on top of the matter and when I wake up in the morning there might be a few changes on this blog with my email made more accessible ;)

Anonymous said...

Ana il majnoon ha?

tito84 said...

you've been tagged by me!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Evil Odd,
I never denied I was a bit coo coo myself. This keeps me in the special category of species.. which I am honoured to belong to.

Tito dear,
Your tag is in a queue and will be answered when the time for it comes. I swear I will.. one day :)

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