Ehem! Since I have taken a decision to keep away from Bahraini politics (I am self-censoring myself) .. and I have decided to share some aspects of my silly existence with you .. I have a few confessions to make.

Until last year.. shopping for me meant buying the latest fashions, perfumes, make up collections and jewellery. Nowadays, it is shopping for grocery, lean cuts, spices, cookbooks and kitchen utensils. What has happened to me? Well to eat well in this dump of a town we live in, we either have to wait until we are back in Bahrain, for the weekends when we are in Toronto or eat in.

So silly me decided to give it a go .. and ended up with becoming the executive chef par excellence in this household! I mean it's either me or my better half.. and since he is at work the whole day, what better way to welcome the man in your life if not with a wholesome meal - experimental mind you - but nevertheless, the fruit of love, cut fingers, burnt pans and battling it with an alarm bell which sounds even when you use the bloody toaster!!


SoulSearch said...

Hey there, the adventures of soulsearch in the kitchen is one thing I love to do. I love mixing stuff together and creating a meal. I love the way you watch a cake rise in the oven, or a cheesecake set in the freezer. I love the melting of malfoof, and the satisfying crunch of fried chicken. I'm hungry now... :)


SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Yummy! You are making me more hungry .. and the malfoooooof.. how do you get that done? I tried and I failed.. because mine gets too soggy and by the time I take it out of the water it disintegrates and I can't roll it. But my Warq 3inab is divine!

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