I know what it is that is wreaking havoc with my system!

Pssst..come closer.. closer.. closer.. You freak!!! Why didn't you brush your teeth after eating that garlic-laden ShAwerma??

Jokes aside..I think I can put my finger on my biggest cause of anguish in life: MY BRAIN. The fucker can actually function as it was intended to and that is a real shame!

All my life, I have worked really hard to conserve it. (All that crap about exercising/using it is being generated by sadists who want to milk you dry and abuse your potential!)

I have ensured that I solved the minimum required math and physics equations at school; To show you how much I took care of those grey cells, I once even walked out of TWO final exams after solving HALF of them, assuming that 50 out of 100 would guarantee a pass mark - if you add the term work to it! Much to the shock of everyone.. I did pass .. and PASS PROPERLY .. despite getting 30 and 33 respectively!

TAKE that you freaky NERDS!

I don't know what the purpose of this post is or what direction it will take but what I am certain of is that I will not push my brain to think of anything at all and pretend I am chimpanzee being paid to conduct this experiment and keep a blog.

That's it. I can't feel any signals coming from my ....


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