i have become a whining bitch lately... and i am sulking the whole time. i am fed up and not so fed up because although i am in full control of my life here.. i know that my honeymoon is short-lived and i will be in bahrain soon.. and i will be once again that hamster in the wheel in the cage.. running around all day and night in a vicious circle!

yes.. you guessed it right.. i don't know what i want. i am a confused little spoilt brat who got out of the wrong side of the bed .. again.. because the sun which is melting the snow outside woke me up. and what do i do when i wake up? i literally crawl from my bed to the computer! ok .. come on.. i don't crawl.. i sleep-walk.

and i stay here the whole day.. pissing about basically.. and when i get tired reading and writing and commenting .. haha .. like i am contributing to humanity in anyway.. i crawl back to the sofa and watch some tv!

food? i squeeze in a lot of coffee and food and drinks in between.. i have lots of food here because that is all i do .. i go out every week and stock up on food.. lots of it.. there is food in the fridge, in all the cupboards and even in cartoons tucked all over the apartment. yes. i hoard stuff. i dont know why .. but i just do.

and i am hungry now.. and i can hear growling sounds coming from my tummy..but before i have my breakfast, lemme make a decision and share it with the world:

today i will break the circle and try living in a square for a change. i will divide my day into four equal parts and dedicate a project for each part. it is now 8am here .. so that is easy. 24 divided by 8 = 6. ok .. so that will be six hours of internet; six hours of sleep; six hours of tv and six hours of ... yes.. i think i will paint today after all!

see you at 8am tomorrow to see whether my grandiose plan to change the destiny of a lost child works!


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