I went to bed late last night. Spent the entire day shopping and the rest of the evening had friends come over for dinner. So it was a busy day. I was on my feet from morning to a little after midnight when I decided that my back may snap .. and that the rest of the dishes can wait until the next morning.. erm ... today! Like, they won't get a headache.. would day. I also decided against stacking them in the dish washer lest its humming may distract me from the greatest blessings of all times: A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP!

AND then .. some music in the background please .. a lot of thoughts come to my mind and it goes into overdrive and I wake up. I am wide awake. I have been pissing about online for a good hour and it's only 4am here now. There is no sign of the morning coming soon.

Silly me thought that since it's April Food's Day today .. my mind would give me a break and allow me to sleep in .. until say about noon. Dream on, Silly! Some people were made to sleep..others, to stay up and guard!

No.. I am not silly to post a spoof .. although .. and no pun intended .. I read this regarding the Bahraini man who was shot outside BJ's the other day and a million and one thoughts came to my head!

The Municipalities and Agriculture Ministry, meanwhile, pledged to pay all medical expenses if treatment abroad was available. It also urged the Health Ministry to consider the case as special. SOURCE: GDN

Why is .. well.. you know.. I am silly .. but STUPID I am not.


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