Have you ever found yourself in a dirty, unhygienic port-a-potty?

Have you ever had a full bladder with no bathroom in sight?

Have you ever been afraid to pull down your pants to squat and pee and risk being seen or peeing on your shoes?

If YES, then here's the answer for all your troubles!!!

Thanks CW for emailing me the link :)


Cerebralwaste said...

When I saw this "product" SBG for some reason I thought of you.....

Ciao My Lady!


ThinkPink said...

After reading about the pmate by SBG on here and figuring out that this is awesome for equality + it's green-friendly i wrote Karen (the owner of Go Your Way which came up with pmate) and explained that i was interested in purchasing her product for use in wonderland and she came back to me with the following information:

"Thanks for your inquiry! The $5.95 includes shipping & handling to any APO/FPO address. You can pay via my website, or you can call me at 720-317-3303 and I will process the order over the phone. The P-mates will be available at most downrange PX* stores sometime in the next few months as well for the same price! "

And there was i - smiling in glee and so happy to place my order for a couple when she mailed me back to say that:

"just found out that the Navy doesn't have PX's (I am new to this). I am going to work on getting them into the Navy Exchange, but of course that could take a while. You could ask your exchange to order some from Nexcom HQ. They work with a vendor called Brigade Quartermasters that carries the P-mate. AAFES should be about ready to carry them online as well."

:( So these pmates i ordered for are going to be delivered to the NEXCOM HQ ... i wonder if wonderlands's 5th fleet have a PX via Iraq...

But the lady was so sweet and went that extra mile to let me know that she'd love to include something from home that we miss with the order(favorite candy or magazine or something else that she could put into the package for me) *smiling shades of pink*

Just wanted to share,

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