It's snowing again.. and it's all my fault.

Hope the weather will be better over the wicked weekend. A friend of mine will be in Toronto tomorrow and on Sunday.. and contrary to popular belief.. I am not comfortable driving long distances on my own. I lose my nerve on the highway .. especially when big trucks pass me.. or when I have to overtake them. Those fucking truckers are aggressive .. but I don't blame them as there are some annoying specimens driving like snails on highways.

What I don't like is driving at night in the dark. I don't understand why their highways aren't lit here. In Bahrain - ok mother fucker.. I know it's the size of a village here - all the highways are well-lit. Despite the Saudis and the traffic, I didn't driving there even at 4am and I never had cold feet. I was two minutes away from anywhere anyway. haha.. I am back to my old antics.. and nonsensical sentences and silly flow of thoughts.

Please bear with me.. I am trying to plan tomorrow as my better half will be at work for part of the day or maybe all of it.. depending on how many people he will have to 'fix'! LOL! He will kill me for slipping this comment in.. but guess what: I AM A WOMAN WITH BALLS!! Let him try and cut them off.. PLEASE!

My fingers will soon press the Publish button.. and then I am toast. If I don't post anything for the next few days.. you will understand why..I will press Publish anyway because I can't be arsed to read over and censor what I have just written.

Boy! All the pressures pressing me down. I can't write anything related to my life because he is sensitive to blogging; I can't write about Bahraini politics because I don't want any trouble with the law; I can't write about controversial things because I don't want it to effect my work at the paper for when I return to Wonderland; and I can't continue being silly because .. well .. I have no choice. I am silly and silly I shall be.

Damn that weather!!! Makes me run around in circles around myself. It gets confusing when all three of us(me, myself and I) are all running around together. Nite nite everyone .. lemme see what myself and I are up to!


Gardens of Sand said...

Hehehe hope your weekend drive went well and weather cooperated. I know just how you feel. I attempted several trips all by meself to friends and family in different states and that was SCARY. I hate the stupid trucker and I heard stories that will have you never driving alone again!!

It's like why don't you come, we are ONLY 5 hrs away???? ONLY??? You are talking to a Bahraini girl, this is all the way to Kuwait and then some!!!

PS: Hope your balls survived! :P

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Exactly! They don't understand they are talking to Bahraini girls when they say that a five-hour road trip is a few centuries away!

Don't they understand that you can cross Bahrain in 20 minutes and once you are near Saudi..your adventure comes to an abrupt halt! Women aren't allowed to drive there.. the last time I checked!

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