She ain't a silly girl. Well, she can't be. She knows where the finish line is and she is going for it.
Leilah is Iran's top female woman driver.. and she rocks!!!

And what do men and Mullas think of her achievement?

"Most of them, I think, are jealous, and I don't care about that."

Well, that's a woman with attitude, who'll have men hot on her heels.. emmmm... wheels!!


Anonymous said...

my my, , she really is one hot woman

Anonymous said...

btw, her name's Laleh, and not Leila, according to your link, and its a common persian name..

good post

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

oops .. sorry .. I am not that familar with Persian names :)

MuppetLord said...

I wonder what racing series she is likely to be part of.

Greg Potemkin said...

This is such utter nonsense. Anyone who has ever been to Eye-ran knows that Eye-ranians, in general, can't drive and Eye-ranian women are even worse. As a general rule, women and middle-easterners are the worst drivers, so she is guilty on both counts. grrrr!

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