Yes.. 500km to the nearest cinema! How painful could that be? Well, it is the sad reality our Saudi friends are suffering from and I fully understand why, especially after new releases like Brokeback Mountain!

I personally enjoyed the movie (Brokeback Mountain), which narrates a touching tale of endless love between two gay cowboys and would love to watch the Saudi film one day!!


Cerebralwaste said...

Can't you just see "Brokeback Mountain" being played in Saudi? If of course Saudi had a Movie Theater.

BTW is the star of this film, Tareq Al-Hussaini, a relation of yours??

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

LOL! Nope.. he isn't!!

Um Naief said...

It was a touching tail... oops, I mean tale...

Is it showing in Bahrian?? I know we got a copied version.

I enjoyed the movie but I liked the scenery best.... and since it was told from the viewpoint of the 1960s, it could be believable altho there are many who hated it and said it was nothing like 'true reality'. But.. to each their own? eh?

Roba said...

Man the picture is awesssommee! It's so ironic.

SoupduJourandMore said...

Was there a brothe l scene or was it all brothe r cowboy to brothe r cowboy?

Being raised, casually, a Christian, living once with a pagan witch and now being a lusty Conservative makes me think that alot of money is made in the many 'mainstream' endeavors. There's a tremendous 'pull' for people to 'keep up' with mainstream events such as films etc.

But she crossed her legs and broke (not my back) my glasses so I didn't see the film (not in Arabia) right here in the Good Old USA.

Um Naief said...

Hollywood makes money on what's hot at the moment. Gay marriages are legal now so why not make money on showing gay cowboy love. There'll prob be another two or three movies, if they're not already in the pipeline (cuz everybody is talkin' bout it) in the coming year(s)... it was too hollywood tho, I thought.

I do think it's about time tho that the world opens up and sees life for all that it is, even tho many disagreed w/ the movie. I thought the movie was sad, and it's sad that gays are so ill-treated today.

Hahaha said...


Maybe the group name should be changed. Instead of gay; the term "sad" or "sad in movies" could be the modern replacement.

Let's rework your last sentence.


I thought the movie was sad, and it's sad that gays are so ill-treated today.


I thought the movie was sad, and it's sad that the sads are so ill-treated today.

(Without viewing the movie I'll assume); The cowboys are not portrayed as successful, happy, celebrated or part of the mainstream of society. That's a Debbie Downer right there.. The movie is not really about gay cowboys though. It's about

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