Silly Girl has a new crash .. it is called ONLINE POKER..

A total waste of time, trust me .. but much better than doing more useless things in life !

There are a nice bunch of people I play with and against and it is fun - as long as I am winning.

The downside, is that it isn't real money! The fun part is that Niagara and all its casinos and nightlife are a stone's throw away.

Beware gamblers.. a Silly Girl is in town .. and has nothing much to lose!


. said...

Poker in general is the fastest growing sport in USA, American calls it A sport. However I know some who plays Poker online for money,

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Nah .. I am not the type.. My money didn't grow on trees .. though I am very much tempted to try my luck in casinos .. but I know where to draw the line ;)

Oops.. Oh blasphemy ... did I admit that I gamble.. Pardon me God, for I have sinned ;)

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