It seems that the fireworks are continuing back home!

Almost every other night, women and children living in the villages and downtown Manama are subjected to the horrifying acts of a few rioters, who are not getting a simple message: "Bark as much as you want.. but you are barking up the WRONG tree!"

What good are those acts doing for their cause, if the cause really is to put pressure on the government to free the demonstrators who have been arrested and are now on trial in our monkey courts after the mayhem they have caused at our international airport, the damage of which was estimated at BD400 and change ?

Don't they realise that the government would do what it wants in its own sweet time, regardless of what you and I think or want?

How long will it take for this simple message to seep in? This isn't a democracy. You are not free. You are shackled to a tribal system, backward traditions and a culture governed by hypocrisy.

To those Gandhi-like activists, who think that a demonstration, would show the rest of the world their frustrations, you are wrong and should invest your time in a better manner because all that you are doing is subjecting innocents to untold harm and repercussions. We all know too well what happens to those who swim against the tide.

And now that there are thugs, whose aim is to destroy and burn everything in their paths - including the cause for which others are rightfully or wrongfully demonstrating against, I think that the activists involved should sit back and think of better ways to waste their energy and public concern.

I don't have a solution and even if I had one, I won't volunteer it. I belong to the silent majority, whose main goal in life is to sit back and watch the show unfold!


Winston said...

So are you from Iranian background?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

I really do apologize for comparing "them" to Gandhi.

No. I am NOT of an Iranian background.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I learned long ago not to be too quick to characterize events depicted in the press. In the US the official reports on the 1968 Democratic Convention riot in Chicago and the Riot in the Attica Prison were determined to be the POLICE RIOTING not the demonstrators. It is always sad to see a community tear itself apart. I hope Bahrain find satisfactory accomadations.

When you make reference to pacifist heros try Badshah Khan who deserves to be better honoured as a Muslim pacifist.

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