It's 8am here, 4pm in wonderland.

I just rose from an uncomfortable don't sleep on Eid day until 4pm. That is just plain rude. You should wake up as soon as you possibly can - even earlier than when you have to wake up for work - dress up, wear lots of make up and a ridiculous expensive jalabiya accessorised with lots of jewellery and do the rounds.

If you were living at home, first, you start with greeting your family. If you weren't, you get your lazy bum into your car and drive home. You kiss your mum on her forehead and wish her an Eid Mubarak. Then you greet visitors, who have already arrived unannounced at home, then move from one house to the other, greeting you go along..even the relatives and friends you really have no interest in starting small talk with and humouring.

Of course the younger ones will be all smiles and kisses and anticipation. Even though they might not show it, they are secretly counting how much money they have received so far and how much they can muscle out of you by being extra nice and courteous.

Until I left Bahrain, I was still in a limbo. Ok. I will blurt it out. I still got the Eidiya (Eid money), from many people who refuse to understand that I have grown up..not that I really have!

But it was a generous amount of money handed to me in envelops, which I then recycled, all in goodwill and to promote the dull economy of the magical kingdom. I would give some of it as Eidiya to people younger than me .. hehe .. go out for a treat with friends and some like-minded relatives (difficult commodity nowadays) which involved lots of food and fun and then, if there was anything remaining, reward myself with something I would have bought anyway, whether I had spare cash or not.

The highlight of Eid day is of course the family lunch, at my grandad's house, where more than 100 people would assemble and devour stuffed animals, better known in our part of the world as, Ghouzi.

But that's there and I am here. Last Eid, I found myself all alone. I was feeling miserable and lonely. And then I punished myself. I walked into Wendy's and gobbled a huge burger. I ate it so fast, I didn't have time to feel guilty.

I say punished because I am a sucker for the finest things in life. I can't stand fast food. Eating out for me means delicately enjoying the culinary arts in a gourmet place with lots of ambiance and which costs an arm and a leg. I love extravagance and being spoilt rotten, especially when someone else is footing the bill... hehe (hint hint hint)

But that's there and I am here. Eid Mubarak people there.. please remember the people here.. and don't you dare do anything I wont.


Angelo Embuldeniya said...

Happy Eid SBG :)

Loving the weather there? built a snowman yet? Wendy's is bad.. in terms of atmosphere for cheering people up... get into Tim Hortons and you'll never feel like leaving, are they are 24hour ones where you're at?

BTW am sure there must be eid parties on campus, have you checked them out yet? :D

Have a good one :)

(Haven't ventured outside since yesterday afternoon 'cos the roads here are a mess, too many cars, too many traffic jams all and too many traffic police folks fiddling with the traffic signal boxes thinking they can do better than simulated computer logic :-S)

sume said...

Happy Eid, SBG. I was bad and went out for Chinese. :P

MR said...

A warm, bright Eid to you & family over there.

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