In Wonderland, where I had a busy, full and rather exciting life, I literally had to be dragged out of bed every morning. I couldn't get up. It was as if I had been attacked by the infamous Tse Tse Fly at birth!

Towards the end of my sentence there, I dreaded the morning's rays. Every day became longer than the day before it and I just couldn't summon enough energy to get out of bed. I caught mysterious illnessess - anything, just anything, was fine, as long as I didn't have to spend another day at work.

And my job? hehe.. It was one of those jobs which never ended. You had to be on your toes from the moment you involuntarily opened your eyes, to the minute the lids collapsed on their own sometime close to the morning.

And here, where I have no job or worries or concerns (except those infecting my homeland), I wake up at the crack of dawn.


Didn't I want to catch up with lost time, with sleep, with relaxation, with being nobody, with losing myself in the crowds and doing silly silly things and laughing until I peed in myself?

Why can't I sleep?


Hahaha said...

Seems the flies were traded for ants. Hey hey, if it's not one thing then it's another thing.

Those ants are buggers too. They come inside when it's cold. They march all over everything as if they own the territory.

At first they go unnoticed. Not heard or seen till they've established themselves. You'd swear nothing was going on. Suddenly many many tiny bites find purchase. This insists you get moving. The red ones (fire ants) will make ya burn. The solution; have something sweet and easily available around, like sugar water, then they'll go right to it every time no problema.

Either that or you may have "Canadian Oah Moose Excitement Syndrome." It comes upon many who find themselves in the white north. A version of cabin fever with a twist. Out of the blue a person becomes excited by movement. Even sleeping they're somehow awake believing a moose could jump on them at any time. So every sound, phone call or everyday noise could be the lurking creature.

Therapy usually consists of dressing up in moose costume. The person then hides behind doors or in closets. The idea is that by becoming the imaginary creature the individual can project an agreeable attitude into the angst. This makes the condition friendly and imaginative which allows plenty of bedtime for the patient.

LiB Team said...

SBG, I have another case, when it's a weekday, I have diffculties getting up, but when I am on leave or on weekends, I sleep late yet only 4 hours of sleep would do! I wake up fresh and roaring! But on a weekday, even if I sleep for 9 hours, I wake up dizzy and feeling like sleeping more!

I need a cuuuure!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

You seem homesick for Bahrain. Here is a site with some interesting place in the Gulf.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

hahaha .. no ants in my pants I am afraid!!

LIB team.. I know, I know.. even when I was in Bahrain.. I would wake up at the crack of dawn on Friday, being my only day off! It was a depressing state of affairs!!

The cure is .. I am afraid to admit it .. a change of scene. I don't know what you do, but the cause is UR JOB. But then I am in no position to become the oracle, so I will say no more and keep peace!

Pebbles.. I will check the site.. Thanks ;)

Roonie said...

Wait, where are you?

Alex said...

Well, SBG, I think it is also related to climate. I noticed that in Middle East and Mediterranean people get sleepy. I was born in Eastern Europe and was never too reluctant to get up, but when I repatriated to Israel (aka my beloved Zionist Entity), I started snoring all day around and it is hard for me to get up even now after 10 years in here.

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