Why do I bother reading newspapers at all ?

Well... from my long long long experience with newspapers, I have always supported the notion that good news isn't news.

Why then, now that I am at the receiving end as a reader, am I so frustrated with bad news when for years, that is all that I churned out, day in, day out ?

Now that the expert has spoken, and that it is inevitable that Wonderland could be hit by a tsunami, I am wondering how the officials would react to such earth-shattering news?

Will they hang the messenger - a practice too common in our part of the world - or would they continue in full stride to ignore all the tell-tale signs, as if the world rotates around their little fingers - they, the rulers of the Earth, all that's on it and all that's beneath it?

I don't see this light-hearted warning making an impact, especially since we are a people with short-term memories? Wasn't it a few months ago that Dubai has giant waves hit its shores ?

Don't we ever learn from mistakes ? Don't we ever learn ? Full stop.


SillyBahrainiGirl said...

I hate insurance companies!

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