More holidays in Wonderland, bring about more confusion. How's that ?

First they had the Eid holiday...and then Shaikh Faisal got killed in an accident and Bahrain went into mourning and then Shaikh Jaber of Kuwait died, and there was another three days of official mourning ..

Add to that the weekends in between.. and you have a long long holiday ..

And ?

Nothing. Just confusion. Do private sector employees report to work? Will those who work be compensated and paid overtime? Will those who say it's a holiday and not turn out to work be penalised?

No one knows.. and the confusion continues!


Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

In my office there was no confusion at all. I told them they are better off getting away from their moaning and groaning wives and are very safe in the office and it is up to them to exercise the option of being men.

They're BOTH in and looking forward to tomorrow even!

I'm the perfect private sector boss! :p

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Good for you Mahmood.. You managed to get BOTH staff in on a day of national mourning!

That's a 100pc show at work.. Wonder how you could achieve that!

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