Just when I feel like listening to Khaleeji songs.. some sort of weird homesickness.. I was singing Mohammed Abdou's songs the whole day yesterday.. I look for 6arab.. and discover that it has been closed.

I guess it is in respect for Shaikh Jaber's death..

What do I do about this itch today?? There are other sites of course.. but today .. just today.. I want to listen to Mohammed Abdou, Talal Madah and Khalid Abdulrahman!!

Silly girl indeed!


Chanad said...

try alaghany.com

there used to be another really good one called mazzika.com or something but i cant remember the exact spelling

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Chanad...
I have found what I wanted.. My Arabic is really rusty though ... hehe.. I think I need an interpreter or at leas t a visit back to Arabia .. to polish up my vocab!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Nancy for dropping by. It really is an honour to have you here, though I don't think our clergymen will approve of it.

It doesn't matter. Can't wait for Elisa to pay her dues!

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