Guess who this lovely slender and sleek damsel is ?
He can actually walk in the damned thing better than I do .. with the exception that I would never shop for shoes at the place he was caught red-handed in.

And now that all of Wonderland's problems are over, our dear friends at the banned bahrainonline are calling for rallies to rid Bahrain of its most wanted visitor.

That lovely lady in the traditional Arab abaya (the black cloak) is no other than our guest, oops.. I mean the guests of the Royal Highnesses, Michael Jackson.

I don't know whether to laugh or feel sorry for him... or for all the women wearing Abayas?


. said...

Is that A ninja?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Nope .. we still don't have women-only sections in shopping malls.. but keep ur fingers crossed.. that is a possibility, thanks to our Taliban-inspired not-so-deomractically-elected parliament ;)

And laws? Well, I doubt that laws apply to Whacko since he is the King's son's guest.

In Arabic, we have a saying which roughly translates to: The Shaikh's dog is a Shaikh.. meaning, what applies to the Shaikh applies to those under him (ie: his dogs) .. not that Whacko is a dog .. look.. the more I open my big mouth, the deeper the hole I dig for myself.. so I will keep peace now .. for now only.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

And X-nezitic.. that's isn't a Ninja .. Ninja Turtles do good deeds ;)

Roonie said...

Well, America doesn't want him back, that's for sure. What an effing weirdo.

MuppetLord said...

Hmm....isn't there some sort of punishment for dressing up as a woman?

Wolfwood said...

I'm pretty sure there are, not that they apply to him since he's decided to fly to Germany and Italy to hide out till it blows over.

Raed said...

call me sick but it looks like the security guard umm like aah has physical changes and stuff.

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