I just stumbled across this and I think it will make you smile as much as it has made me smile tonight !

It is a prime example of how technology is put into good use in the Gulf. A few weeks ago I was sitting in a coffee shop with a visiting American professor.. and I had forgotten the bluetooth option on my mobile phone on... and the phone went click. And the curious fox asked what it was.. And I lied, saying it was nothing. And returned the phone into my bag, accidently pressing the accept button. I swear I didn't do it on purpose, and people who know me, know that I am accident prone.

A few days later my hubby's cousin wanted something from my phone and I asked her to help herself... As she was checking my inbox, she opened that message. She was speechless. It was then that I realised what I had downloaded.. It was hardcore... and it was embarrasing because I couldn't explain to anyone where I got it from or who sent it or why I accepted it...especially that I am not a teenager anymore.

You should have seen the look hubby shot me as I was trying to explain to his cousin that it wasn't me.. that I didn't know..


Bin Shehab said...

It’s only a small issue and this is why the MP’s have enough time looking at the technology and they want to band it ;)
I’ve seen a program that required some ABC’s of programming to run and it can get your entire Address Book, In & Out SMS messages only!! So watch out.

Bin Shehab

ES said...

The best thing in the world is having a mock-chat with young khaleeji men.


Me: um hi there lol i am interestd im 19 year old i like guys i am relly cute kind of tall but not gigantic
Him: yasalam, u seem like a perfect grrl for me. id like to see u. i am very handsom and educated man
Me: wow i am in awe i will obey your rules and never betray you i am very faithful and i like guys but after you you will be my one and only, i promiz
Him: ok what is your mob number
Me: its a secret plz dont tell anybody
Him: walla i wont
Me: meet me in the starbucks i will be the girl with lots of makeup
Him: which starbucks
Me: u pick i'll go anywhere and do anything for u i am sooo interested u seem so great
Him: hehe thx
Me: ;-)
Me: shit i have to go plz call me later? sms me? ill be waiting
Him: u didnt give me a number
Me: look i cant have a relationship with you ... it's not you, it's me... maybe this wasn't god's will.
Him: shinoo?
Me: plz lat 3athibnee
Him: i dont understand, r we meeting up or not?
Me: look i am very religious i will be possessed with the devil if i meet you
Him: ??!
Me: time for u to fuck off ok. i will save every word and give it to police. leave me alone.
Him: whatever weirdo. bye.
Me: wait
Him: what?
Me: a7ibik
Me: lol joking

Mohammed said...

I think the main reason which attract the one who sent this (xxx) to you is your nick name on that bluetooth . and I bet he was (Saudi silly teen) . maybe you should be more careful next time . The best thing I think you did that you ignored the message when it arrived , because I am sure he was looking around to discover who will receive that message .

Note : see that link silly girl it is funny pic and it is on my blog .



Hasan the Not-So-Great said...

the form they have at the end of the article is heeeelarious.

Mohammed said...

Silly girl I don't mean that your nick name was ( Saudi silly teen) but the guy who sent that was a saudi teen . because those people they will send to any female name they will discover around .

Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

You can get his with bluetooth junk now AT TRAFFIC LIGHTS! WTF, are they so desperate that for the 30 seconds they're at a traffic light they have to start a bluetooth conversation?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

hahahahaha. very funny Mahmood ;)

remember when they were having roadworks outside Seef?

and u know how i am always on the run, forgetting things and bumping into trouble?

well, I (again) had forgotten my bluetooth on.. and there was this asshole in the traffic waving his mobile and honking all the time..I was speaking on the phone and didn't pay attention to weirdo...

until I hang up and saw the 'connection failed' message..

the dumbo was sending a bluetooth message to a silly girl, who isn't even in hunt mode!

he was saudi..he turned right to go to the causeway and i continued straight towards home!

ainialyaman said...

What I read is realy craps and have to be more cautious in dealing with my bluetooth.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

yup.. u are right Mr Yemen.. bluetooth is dangerous and it becomes more so in the wrong hands.

take care of that blue tooth of yours!!

luckyfatima said...

wow, that sounds kind of exciting. i wish my blue tooth worked. hee hee hee

Cassandra Says said...

How very embarrasing. I'll bet you'll be more careful with which buttons you click in the future...
I just found your blog by the way. I grew up partly in the Gulf and have been missing it lately, so I will definately be back to visit your blog again!
Note - I find it a bit embarrasing that BlueTooth works better in the Gulf than here in the Bay Area given that we're supposed to be the center of the tech industry.

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