What a waste! And we didn't know about this until it was way too late. There is nothing we can do now.. but I am certain that there are others out there.

That could have been a great project for this !

Hope the links work.. just another silly idea to put a smile on Mahmood's face.. Grandad has been rather grumpy lately.


SillyBahrainiGirl said...

now mahmood needs to buy my silly idea and cheer up!
this is a silly blog with lots of silly ideas anyway

And its lost its way from the sound of it!

Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

hehahhehe.. very good! actually I'm planning my 2nd harvest this afternoon, only one palm seems to be ready, the other two haven't done well this year because of polination gone wrong. Next year we'll know better.

The 2nd tree should have enough for quite a few bottles of date wine if the 4 convicts get released for a while to offer their services! :)

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

we dont need the exconvicts to help us out in our noble mission to make more use out of the dates..

get an old book or better still, ask people who cross the border everyday to wonderland.

they have the know how !

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