I strongly believe in freedom of expression...
I swear I do.. and just as I exercise it whenever the conditions allow me to and when I know I won't get into serious shit, and summon up some courage to speak my mind, I encourage you all do so.

I have been trashed by her.. she has generously given me one out of five for this blog.
What do you think? I am sure there are people out there not happy with things on here.

Speak your mind. Let me know. I have the right to know just as you have the right to speak. Let's get it all out.. in the open!


ainialyaman said...

I know well that truth always scorch badly, but i am going to say that you are a termagant silly girl.your blog does not bear any informative essays.
Drink RedBull to revive your hawkish brain.
Haha, Yemenis always critics and harsh.

moodZ said...

You want the truth? The whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Mohammed said...

the truth silly girl that I was really happy to find your blog . The way of free thinking and expressing is something I really miss when I use to write in Forums . the only forum I really feel free to write what I want is ((www.nadyelfikr.com)) while the others such Bahraini Forums is like a prison . I don't mean that I feel free to be rude but using a small word such (shit or f**K) to describe a situation or even talk about (sexual topic) might banned you for ever from using the forum .
Thanks alot for that blog and I support you alot . and thanks for ((Dr. Abdulhadi Khalaf))blog page because it was the first meeting with your page through a link there .


Norm204 said...

Keep writing. You are such a silly
girl...who cares what someone else
thinks of your blog. If you enjoy
having the blog, that is all that
matters. I enjoy reading it
Best regards

Hasan the Not-So-Great said...

who does she think she is rating people's blogs like that?

ema said...

The rest bored me.

That pretty much says it all, no? In any case, rest assured there are those of us who find your blog most interesting.

أبو سنان said...

Your blog is just fine, I found hers to be a bit naff.

Arabian Princess said...

Well I didnt read what she said about you blog .. but I think your blog is really fine ..

even though I dont agree with things you write sometimes, but you are free to write what you think .. its your space after all!!

continue writing and dont care what others say!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

thanks everyone..

And yes, emoodz.. can't wait to hear the truth, the truth and nothing but the truth!

And sorry Ain Al Yemen.. I don't write more because I have been busy writing other things elsewhere.

I write for a living and though blogging is much more fun than some of the things I have to write, every person has a limit.

Also, I can't be seen to repeat myself.. So I have a folder for ideas to use in different places - the blog being one of them I assure you.

Also, I haven't been keeping well lately..

And Arabian Princess, that's the spirit. We should rise above our differences and open our minds to different streams of thought. That is what we need. We have been muzzled for way too long and we are bound to make mistakes and say the wrong things at the wrong time...but it is all part of our learning experience.

I love it when people say 'I disagree with you' and are then able to back with with a reason. I might be wrong and when I am, I try to rectify it..
although I usually cause more damage then !

News Blog re-Blog Team said...

Your posts on fuglies were nice. Could we see more of them please.



the News Blog re-Blog team

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

glad to see u guys up and running ;)

News Blog re-Blog Team said...

we're glad to be back :)

Rachel said...

What you failed to mention is that you turned your site IN for a review. :)

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

excuse me?

Rachel said...

Ms Chatty only reviews bloggers who have submited the review me form :)

Blewyn said...

I check out sbg on a regular basis - the ratings blog I have read once (today), for the first and last time. Nuff said.

Blewyn said...

I check out sbg on a regular basis - the ratings blog I have read once (today), for the first and last time. Nuff said.

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