I am scared. Too scared today. I just want to find a corner, and sit there and sulk. I don't want to get out of my room, in case a relative is lurking the background, waiting to pounce on me!

You all know I am being silly today .. extra silly, if you insist!

I am fed-up of being nice to mother-fuckers. I am tired of using sugar-coated words to describe a disgusting situation. But tell me if this is acceptable in an Arab Muslim community which points its middle finger towards the West everyday, calling its inhabitants infidels from sun rise to sunset!

Just tell me who in his correct senses would want to fuck his wife's 16-year-old niece? And all that, "just for fun"?

I am disgusted at this society of double-standards.


8291 said...

silly girls are never silly. i would not be scared, i would be strong.

the double standard is there, in bahrain, in egypt, in the usa, in china, in switzerland... anyhwere where there are humans, anywhere where there is no respect.

Mohammed said...

Silly Girl , You can't say that is an Insect Sex . Because There is no blood relation between the man and the girl . You can call it as a child molesting or rape since the girls is Small . If you compare this to UK , The legal age for a girl to have sex (( Suppose to be )) is 16 years old . If this case come to UK courts he will be not guilty .

moodZ said...

And were off generalizing again, I still can't understand how anyone can't see that the vast majority of the people of Bahrain are really hard working, god fearing, well-brought-up Muslims that don't have much in their heads beside assuring a decent living standards for themselves and their families.

Just because a sick perverted fucker allowed himself to carry out such loathsome acts doesn't give us the right to judge the entire society as "double-standard". But instead look at the girl's father who actually let the incident go without reporting it, even though he did have a case against the sicko? How come he doesn’t represent the kindness of the Bahraini society?

As mahmood repeated in the last blogger meet up, you gotta smell the roses in the flowerbed, even if the shit really stank.. :)

ES said...
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ES said...

"Insect Sex"

Haha. I wonder how insects "get it on."

About a week ago, I read a story about a 24 year old Bahraini woman whose husband kept forcing her to watch porn videos with him. He came from work earlier than usual one day, only to find that his beloved "sex beast" is macking it up with another man. Before he even had time to let that hurtful image sink in, his young wife's lover decided that it's a great idea to stab him multiple times and leave him there. Brilliant. I should have thought of that myself!

When the case eventually reached the court, she claimed that her husband sexually abused not only her, but many other girls, including a 13 year old and a woman who's supposedly twice his age. Wow. Pretty impressive, don't you think? His choices aren't even limited. He can walk into a kindergarten, fuck everyone there, and then go to an old people's 'home,' and fuck everyone there, too. Such an exciting existence he must lead.

I read the story above in a crowded coffee shop, where I overheard others talk about how we're living in such a "sex-crazed world."

Honestly, I can't help but wonder, do those shameful morons deserve such media coverage? Of course, we need to keep ourselves updated on this horrifyingly sick shit, but everyday I read our newspapers, either in Arabic or English, there has to be at least one story about a fuck-up (literally.) The papers are a lot more pessimistic than they should be. I'm not interested in knowing who stuck his pecker in who and who decided to whine about it. These events are threatening and depressing, but aren't that significant. The only thing it's doing is portraying Bahrain in the worst light possible.

We want to be informed instead of just being reminded for the 500th time of how dangerous this country could be.

Bahrain is not exactly the world of sex addicts, but if I were an outsider reading the daily news here, I would probably think it is. Even in India, where's there's hundreds of unsolved rape cases on a weekly basis, don't talk about sex crimes half as much as we do.

I think, instead of just mentioning these sex-based crimes, we need to discuss their punishments. Remember the problems it caused when a man who sodomized a 5 year old boy was able to get out on a 500 BD bail? If the punishment isn't fair and logical, then we can't expect things to get any better.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

moodz u are right about the smell of roses in the shit pond.

but if we dont take our social problems and look at them with microscopic lens, which magnify them, we will never be able to solve them!

my aim is not to shame my country. in highlighting problems which exist here, i hope we can collectively address issues in a civilised manner.. (excuse my swear words) but these things really get on my nerves.

we can't continue sticking our heads in the sand. reality is that even ostriches don't do that...but we still do.

moodZ said...

What I fear here ES is the fact that this is only the tip of the iceberg we are currently seeing, there must be hundreds of other sex related assaults and charges that go uncovered by the media. I remember hearing a lot of horror stories from a distant relative who's a psychiatrist here in Bahrain.

But again, people do have the right to know what is going on in the country. Just because it involves sexual assault doesn’t make it any more of a crime that is well worth reporting.

And as you said, this is the kind of talk people have in coffee shops and qahawi, this is what people want to read after all.

moodZ said...
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ES said...

"this is what people want to read after all."

Yes, nothing gets our engines going other than fresh gossip. But do we really want our local papers to turn into cheap, sleazy tabloid-format newsletters?

I really wish that our whining wouldn't be as unproductive as it is, and that we can try changing some of our unsuccessful policies. It's really sad to know that policy-makers don't really take what other people say into consideration. I don't know why they don't. Is it laziness, stubbornness, arrogance?

"this is only the tip of the iceberg we are currently seeing"

I agree. My cousin is a trainee lawyer, and she comes home with dreadful news, daily. News that really SHOULD be brought up for us to discuss, but aren't.

The most recent issue in the courts nowadays, apparently, is the increasing amount of Arab prostitutes in Bahrain, including Bahrainis. I realize that in most cases, prostitution is "economy," and not "sex," but were they really that desperate?

It'd be really easy to stigmatize and label these women immediately, but I'd rather refrain from that. What they and their families are going through is probably enough.

أبو سنان said...

Sad situation. I cannot believe the court responded to the situation the way they did? They man should have been strung up!

Unknown said...

Is it just me or is this guy getting it easy..too easy for that matter???!

Whats wrong with the world?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

nope.. it isn;t only you.. there is a lot to muse about in our justice system!

it all depends on whims...whims... and whims.

personal error is a big factor..

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

oops... by personal error i meant 'human error'

Cassandra Says said...

Not that it will be much comfort, but I have lived and travelled all over the world and have never seen a society where these things so not happen, nor a society where they are not routinely covered up. Surely the fact that people are talking about it is at least a step in the right direction?

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