So I am in the news again ... I don't want to sound conceited .. but I am in the news all the time..
but the truth is that sometimes are better than other times ;)

Does this make sense? No.. Ok! Does anything I have to say make any sense? Ok! Whatever you say. But do many of the things the government or whoever is in power do at times (many many times) make any sense at all?

I am an individual.. and a silly indivdual at that... but what they do at times makes my head spin. Even a silly head..

Let me tell you what the Christain Science Monitor have to say about Bahraini bloggers:

"Bahrain's bloggers make a mark

Bahrain is another Middle Eastern country where bloggers have butted heads with the government in recent months. Bahraini bloggers' relentless calls for a new constitution, the separation of powers, and greater political liberties seem to have rattled the government.

"The fact that there are so many bloggers out there speaking freely and expressing themselves with no inhibitions or restraints is unheard of," wrote Amira al-Hussaini in a recent post to her popular blog, "Silly Bahraini Girl."

Earlier this year Bahraini authorities arrested a blogger and two website technicians from the Internet forum Bahrain Online, which had posted a United Nations report critical of the government's discrimination against the Shiite majority.

The country's largest opposition movement had used the website to organize protests and evade police. The arrests were followed by an edict from the Ministry of Information requiring all bloggers to register their websites with the government.

Bahrain's bloggers rallied to the cause. They organized a protest demonstration, and vowed not to register with the ministry. As they wrote about the plight of their electronic brethren, bloggers across the globe - and then media heavyweights like The Wall Street Journal, and international aid groups such as Human Rights Watch - picked up on the story.

The media campaign was largely effective. The three have since been released from prison, though they could still face charges, and few expect the Ministry of Information to follow through with its new policy of requiring all bloggers to register with the government.

"Without the bloggers of Bahrain escalating this, and trying to pressure the government, I don't think anyone would have ever cared or heard about these guys," said Haitham Sabbah, a prolific blogger since 2003.

end of report

And as a journalist, I see this as a balanced report which projects reality, thanks to the sheer stupidity of people making decisions on our behalf. I am really ashamed and fed up of the way some elements in the government has made it possible to tarnish the name of Bahrain in the international media because of tactless moves, which the world press would pounce on and make the most of.

With a government like ours, WHO NEEDS AN OPPOSITION!

The Bahrain online trio are now national heros, like countless of other examples. Today's London meet, for instance, would have been held and forgotten, had not the guardians of tarnishing Bahrain's image not made it their main goal in life to ensure that everyone in the world had heard about it.

Who are the geniuses executing those lame policies? What do they want? Are they with or against Bahrain?


أبو سنان said...

Congratulations. Both you and Sabbah, both well deserved.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks ya Abu Sinan ;)

SillyBahrainiGirl said...


ever the optimist ;)

Let's our fingers CROSSED that no one in authority would do anything stupid soon and propel people to HERO status overnight!

8291 said...


Let's hear it for the "Emergent Democracy in Action" and may the Bahraini government have a fast learning curve.

MuppetLord said...

Really? One will see.

ainialyaman said...

Next time on haaretz and Jerusalem Post.
Congrats but you blowing in a puncture balloon.

حسن الخزاعي said...

I'm sure Jamal Daood, will not be happy with this! Better to be careful, I don't want to end up seeking asylum in the Netherlands as I think I'm the only Bahraini living here!

Well deserved, but again be careful unless you wanna loose your job or even worse your freedom

Hassan Alkhuzaei

MuppetLord said...

I'll second that, you be careful.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Hassan and Your Lordship for your kind sentiments.

There isn't anything to worry about, I assure you.

Nevertheless, it's always better to be safe then sorry ;)

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