Just to tell you all was well today and that I have never felt any better.
It was great, with everything going better than anticipated.

You see, every summer, everyone who is anyone flees Wonderland, like fleas who have fleeced the poor bitch and left her out to die in the desert.

Nevertheless, it was a great day. Work was the monotonous drag I have grown to love because I have no other choice. Sometimes one just loves to hate and hates to love..but this is life. If I don't like it then tough.. there is always a workhorse which could be hired to do what I do.. and life will go on.

In other matters, I went to a reception and I heeded to Mahmood's advice and plastered a smile all over my face. I smiled like an idiot the whole night. The drinks tasted like luke warm dog pee but I won't go into that and the finger food on offer was so off, I would be too embarrassed to offer it to our cat Blackie.. but why should I complain. I should be really grateful that I was invited to begin with. Thank you God Almighty for making it important for people to invite me to their events - not because they want to, but because it is only correct that they are seen mingling with the 'right' crowd..

Because I was still starving when I left the reception and my feet were aching because I am bloody short for the bulk of a body I have amassed due to sheer laziness, I muscled enough courage to book a table at my favourite Italian restaurant, to which I dragged my sister, and we enjoyed a late night feast.

There is so much to thank the Lord Almighty for. I wouldn't have been able to enjoy all this had I been anywhere away from wonderland for a nagging bitch like me doesn't deserve this really.

And the drive home was great.. just a few saudis meandering through traffic and cutting through cars like they own the road. May God Almighty bless their souls in heaven if and when they do make it to the front pages of tomorrow's newspapers. Amen!


Unknown said...

Your mood seems to have improved, with a touch of salt still pinching through

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

yup.. it gets better everyday..
today looks more promising.. but i will leave commenting about that until tonight! ;)

ainialyaman said...

just digging a ditch.

Rush Murad said...

hi there!
cute blog i would say.
Come visit mine, a Malaysian.

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