Some sorry sod has made it his (with a small h) personal agenda to spam my blog today.

My message is clear to all: this is my own space courtesy of Blogger and those who don't like what I post on it can go and dig themselves up a Hole (with a Capital H).

You really are not forced to come here and frankly speaking: You are not welcome.

You little twit.. do you really think I am in a mood for mind games? Do you think I am petty enough to play hide and seek with you? Do you think I give a shit what you think or who you are or what your plans are? Do you think I give a toss about your pay master?

I am afraid you give yourself a lot of credit. I am not in a position to distribute a free dictionary to explain to you all the words which you misunderstand in my plain boring English. I am not here to defend my convictions and loyalty. This is a personal silly blog. SILLY.. you dumbo. SILLY you retard. SILLY you fuck face.

If I use fancy words, then you have an excuse. But I really don't for my education is BASIC.. and my writing standards have plummeted since I stopped using my talent and developed a new technique called churning-out-stuff-to-fill-space-and-kill-more-trees-and-please-the-you-know-who.

If you have a sense of decency don't hide behind many pseudonyms, which you have just started for the sake of deluding people into thinking that there is more than one SICK mind out there.

Spare yourself the humiliation for your tactics are common knowledge to all…they are so stupid a six-year-old would have more common sense to alter them a bit.

Let me tell you something you moron. Start your own BLOG – it is available for free – and in your own space, at your own time, spread your own propaganda. This isn’t the venue for it.

I hope I have made myself clear.


ainialyaman said...

calm down most beautiful writer!
Don't give them a shit.
I enjoy all your scrabbles,Haha.
Akona Matata.

Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

water off a duck's back old girl.

Chin up!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Quack quack !

أبو سنان said...

Dont worry silly. They come and go. I have one hunting me all over the net at the moment. No big deal. I should have known he/she would be bad when they started out insulting my new born baby. But hey, the internet is equal opportunity for all fruits, flakes and nuts.

BB said...

I tell ya that stinking whiff left on the bahraini blogosphere needs to be tackled from source...behind different names and on different blogs, i can still smell the stench a mile off...

spread ur lovely fragrance SBG thats the only way to get rid of bad smells...

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

I am honoured ;)

Bahrania in the house ?
Thanks girl.
"Means a lot," continues Silly Girl, with a silly grin all over her face.

Now Chewhatever is turning green with envy.. little did he know that he has done me a favour by EXPOSING himself to the world.

Roonie said...

Miss Silly B, your English is fabulous. And delete comments when they're stupid and not worth your time. Indeed, you are the ruler of this temple!

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