I have been a real good girl today. Even better than yesterday after being trashed the day before for no other reason than being so arrogant as to write in a national newspaper that a BD200 bonus is beneath me.

Well.. it is..

It is demeaning, humiliating and demoralising...but I don't want to go into that right now because I have promised myself to put a positive slant on things I write on this blog while smiling..and also because I am putting up this post to tell you about my day.. to give you (only you) a sneak preview of how much damage a silly girl is capable of doing in one day.

I had to literally drag myself to the office this morning. I am getting older and with age, there are a lot of things I really need to try and cool down on a bit. Throughout my life I strongly believed that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy (no offense.. but many boys are dull anyway!!) .. and that if you work hard, you ought to party harder.. When I was young, it worked beautifully. I would take a nap for a couple of hours to recharge my batteries and be full of life and excitement for a good 20 hours to follow! All this is gone now and no matter how hard I try to remain awake..I can't resist the temptation which lures me to bed earlier and earlier as the days go by..

So I wake up.. and go to work and before I know it a whole good day is wasted. A friend called me just before lunch and we agreed to meet up for a quick bite.. which was good until he turned around and said: "A...., you really have to watch it because you are putting on weight.."

I got the hint.. since he was paying, he wanted to ensure that I don't order more than I should at that over-priced place.. Besides, he made it a point to mention that he has just bought a brand new BMW and is building his dream house.. good for him, but if he thought for a second that this would deflect me from my main purpose in life, which is to stuff the turkey in time for Thanksgiving, then he really is mistaken.

Who needs enemies when there are friends like the ones I have picked. People say you can pick your friends but are stuck with your family.. I think I have been given a bad deal with the whole lot.. anyway.. I shouldn't drift on to off topic things which will just generate ill-feelings in the perfect lovely summer we seem to be enjoying these days.

Which reminds me of the weather here.. It is great. Never thought we could ever have such a lovely breeze at this time of the year. And because I am looking at the bright side, I have decided to turn a blind eye to the dust which is suffocating me and the humidity which is bringing all sorts of aches to my joints.. But that's negative thought.. which I shouldn't engage in at such a great time of national unity and content..

Which reminds me of telling you .. that I have made a conscious decision to take better care of my health.. I went for a walk with my sister-in-law. Ok, so I cheated.. and I had a full dose of chocolate before that but I needed my sugar in take..but I went for a walk nevertheless.. and it's not because bozo said I was fat..

In fact, I had planned to go for a stroll with her the night before.. and I think I will make a habit out of it, time-permitting that is..


Big D said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

u are more than welcome ;)

Cassandra Says said...

I have a question for you based on what your friend said to you at lunch. Do you feel a pressure in Bahrain to be very thin? I ask because I used to live in Saudi and I don't remember any particular pressure for people to be skinny, but it may be different in Bahrain (or things may have changed, since I left almost 15 years ago). As an example of what I mean by thin, I am 5ft2. Where I live it is expected that I should not weigh more than 120 pounds at the most. Not that I am inclined to care too much about what other people think about my weight, but the pressure is definately there. I am wondering if the pressure to be thin has spread to the Gulf too.

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