"I called my boss to tell him I was sick and wasn't coming in to work.He asked what was wrong.Told him I had anal-glaucoma.That sounds serious, what is that?Well I just can't see my ass coming to work today."

I have come across many excuses for not going to work or turning up late.. but this beats them.

Share the best you have seen, witnessed or heard about and I will tell you some of the ones I have come across over the years ;) They are hilarious.


ainialyaman said...

In Bahrain, a male gynecologist can only examine a woman's private parts through a mirror.

أبو سنان said...

Some days it is good for the soul to take a "sicky".

Omni said...

I can't think of any line to beat "anal-glaucoma," LOL!!

marco said...

that´s a good one! I just finished my vacations today, so I´ll try it ;)


Mujahid said...

Anal-Glaucoma --Didn't see that one coming. :-)

*lynne* said...
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*lynne* said...

hi, found your blog via NeoWorx's LittleNeo.

I was LMAO at "anal-glaucoma"... but shared that joke with my bf (a medical student), and for some reason he didn't find it funny: "why not anal-cataracts? that would be more correct" ... hmmm maybe, but somehow it just doesn't have the same "ring" to it, eh?

Anyway, do drop by my blog when you are free: www.azlynne1972.blogspot.com

take care!!

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