Our Godfather Mahmood Al Yousif (www.mahmood.tv) is lamenting over the loss of palm trees!

He is worried about the loss of our identity as the country with the million palm trees!!! We have already lost that and there really is no point crying over spilt milk. No point what so ever because the palm trees will not come back again in the areas which were covered with greenery just a few years ago. They will not sprout anywhere else for that matter!

Remember the area from Adhari all the way up to the Saudi causeway? Remember the greenery and palm trees? Remember and cry for this is just a fading memory. Now all you see is dirt, more dirt and concrete and mortar.

What palm trees? What natural springs? What nature? What environment?

Is the average man out there concerned about these issues or is all his energy concentrated on securing food at his table to feed himself and his family?

Also, are people working in those fields on a voluntary basis really concerned about the environment and all that or just about raising their public profile and making sure people think that they really are concerned about such issues to ensure that they climb up the slimy ladder to make it to the who's who list of hypocrites in Bahrain?

These are real serious issues we have to confront before it really is too late. It will be a shame to show our children photographs of what was on a slideshow in a few years time.

Environmental protection is not only workshops and round table discussions for experts who want to flex their muscles on each other. It is a policy which should be implemented EQUALLY across the board.

Isn't Tubli Bay a protected zone? No more questions. I better keep my lips sealed for today!


Angelo Embuldeniya said...

let's not forget the coral reefs issue in Bahrain...... random land reclamation - why?

BB said...


The Island of a Million Palm Trees

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

True...land reclamation, Sewerage bay, sorry, I mean Tubli Bay.. and remember the Barbar residents and their war and demonstrations for their beach?
Why should everything be fought for?

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