It's Super duper Tuesday and I am in the Big Apple.

Shopping? No.. think again!

I am working on this super new site, Voices Without Votes, which is a Global Voices Online project, commissioned by Reuters.

Voices Without Votes opens a window on what non-Americans are saying in blogs and citizen media about US foreign policy and the 2008 presidential elections.

Solana Larsen, GVO's co-managing editor, has already announced the project here and Ethan Zuckerman, has more than a few nice words to say here.

So far, I have had my four eyes glued to my screen and my 10 fingers typing away like crazy. I have also had two radio interviews with BBC and another one is scheduled for tomorrow. Awesome right? There is huge media interest in the project, which is heartwarming really and means that our work is being recognised and the voices of bloggers from around the world are making ripples in world events and shaping public opinion.

To help me make the best out of this, I would like to encourage you to have a look at the site, and use this link wisely! This option allows you to submit posts to the site and gives me a chance to represent all the non-American voices out there who have a lot to say about the elections.

You can also link to the site on your sidebars and encourage others to do so. Your say counts and we are making sure that you are being heard.

Take care .. and off I go .. not to Saks Fifth Avenue or Macy's ... but to the piles of emails and blogs I have to read! Will update you about the project if there is anything else to report!


Redbelt said...

Great project. Here is my contribution; I SUPPORT RON PAUL. His foreign policy ideas are straightforward and common sense.

Ammaro said...

excellent! keep us updated, and say hello to new york for me!

Hareega said...

good luck with the new site, will check it out

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Redbelt, Ammar and Hareega..
Yalla.. Submit your links, if you are writing anything about the elections.. and encourage our blogger friends to submit theirs!

It was .. ehem .. fashion week in the Big Apple.. Don't ask.. and I won't tell.

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