ehem .. it was a rather eventful week at the Big Apple.

Thanks Solana for putting up with my antics .. It was an honour working with you :) Your calmness in dealing with pressure is an inspiration. If there is anything good about Voices without Votes, you have Solana and Jeremy Clarke to thank. For the goof ups, there is me to blame! Jer even took some time off his busy schedule to talk to me about the technical aspects of the site. Thanks Jer for explaining it to me in a none-condescending manner. You know what I mean :)

Ricken Patel, of Avaaz - it was an honour meeting you, and it was kind of you to take us to the Super Tuesday get-together. It was nice to hear actual Americans speak about the elections instead of just reading comments off a screen. There were quite a few interesting people there too - including Naomi Wolfe and Moby!

What else? Of course, shallow me hit the shops too .. and generously rewarded myself for my nerdiness - which I think I perfectly deserved after a full week of work! For Pete's sake.. it was Fashion Week.. What did you expect me to do? Sulk over Obama like the rest of the New Yorkers?

Back home now.. yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwn!


Solana said...

New York is less fun already! Come back soon :-)

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