My colleague Eduardo Avila and Director of Voces Bolivianas is speaking now about an amazing project, supported by Rising Voices, which trains indigenous populations to learn how to blog and write about their lives and communities.

Eduardo says blogging has given those people a voice and links people who would not otherwise interact.

"Basically is it still about the people behind the blogs," he noted, adding that Voces Bolivianas helps highlight their blogs, translate them into different languages - including indigenous languages which are near extinct.

Wouldn't it be awesome if similar tools and training was made available for indigenous populations in other part of the world? Had my grandmother allowed me to video tape her telling us the folkloric tales, passed down through generations, wouldn't we now have that part of our culture and traditions alive today - years after she is gone? If I were to have children, what bedtime stories will I read to them? Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs like we don't we have a culture of our own?


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