From WeMedia's opening session:

Imagine there is a nationwide black out - something we don't know much about in the Middle East, for instance.

What do you do to let people know what is happening? How do you give out information? Without electricity, there obviously is no TV. Radios too are now behaving like little jukeboxes right? But thanks to limited battery life on your computer, here's what you can do:

** Micro blogging (via Twitter for example) faster means of transferring information and telling the story ...

** Cell phones and texting

** Blogging

Remember that you are one step ahead of the game .. and by the time news hits the headlines tomorrow .. it will no longer be news. Consumer generated news now tells the story.

And we can take that a step ahead, said a commenter whose name I forgot to jot down. His idea was and I am paraphrasing here: why don't media organisations and telecom providers join hands to send subscribers breaking news and updates on information effecting them?


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