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Unknown said...

Dear Bahraini Girl - I'm an female American university student currently living and studying in Florida. I came across your blog a month ago while researching an ongoing, in-depth project on Bahrain for my Middle-Eastern survey class. I've written several papers about Bahrain so far this semester and am currently working on a paper about Bahrains' minorities/underclass and what their lives are like, how they are treated, what they can expect out of life, etc. I was wondering - are you at liberty to become a pen pal of sorts to me? There's only so much official governmental and political mumbo-jumbo you can find online, and non of it is either enlightening or personal.
I spent several months in Bahrain in 2005 and fell in love with the country and its food and its people. I especially fell in love with the Geant department store out near the Seef Mall - it's better than any of the department stores here in the US!
I feel connected enough to the land to be both understanding of cultural differences, yet my citizenship also allows me to remain fairly objective. Every place you go in the world has its problems, but it's also my opinion that every place you go in the world also is worthy and deserving of your interest and respect. It's my desire to present Bahrain as it truly is today, not as encyclopedias and US/Bahraini government websites tell you it is.
Would you be interested in corresponding with me? Alternately, do you know anyone who would? I'd appreciate any help I could get!
I can be reached via email at:
Thank you for your time and keep up the work on your incredible blog!
M. Labreche
Tampa, Florida, USA

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

I have emailed you and would be more than glad to be of any help I can.

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