It's all empty inside. The space between my ears is clogged up. I feel I am getting a flu and not quite getting it. I feel I am drowning .. though there isn't water around me. I am sinking. That is all that is certain.

All I wanted to do was a print a piece of paper. That was all.

Is there a crime in printing paper? I am not in Bahrain so it is unlikely that the forces of nature were working against me and the simple process of printing.

I installed the wrong disc. Is that something bad? Yes.. It certainly is when you are the new Vista hooker.

When I gave up and turned off the machine..I woke up to a new era. The era of the BLUE WINDOW of death.

Switch on.. switch off.. safe mode.. auto recovery my ass! After a lot of fretting, curling on the sofa, watching the Food Network for a day but not getting off my arse and fixing any food for myself.. Mr Fix-It arrives home to see a real starving wreck.

What's wrong baby?
Look! I wail .. pointing to the blue screen.

And like magic.. everything is now fixed and I am left with clearing up the mess and trying to find my passwords for everything under the sun. Noting encrypted passwords on a piece of paper I can hide under my pillows isn't a bad idea.

Off I go.. lots of cleaning up to do. Thank you Vista. Now I know why I should have gotten a Mac :)


Hani Obaid said...

All MS OS commence the beta stage on release. In 2009 Vista Service pack 9 will be pretty stable.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

LoL! Thanks.. In plain English, does this mean that I will have to suffer until 2009?

Ammaro said...

i told you not to mess with the Vista!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

yes you did.. but when your middle name is silly... sometimes u just can't help it.

Ammaro said...

your middle name is Bahraini. First name Silly.

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