Help.. This monster bug is stuck between the mesh and my window pane. Help me and Esra'a survive this terrible ordeal.



Esra'a said...

Mwahah I'm not scared. Shall I invite it in?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

No way! There is room for one extra creature in this household .. and you make the choice: It's either you or the bug!! LOL!

Ali said...

very easy

follow the steps

1- lock all doors
2- close all windows
3- grab something heavy
4- smack the bug


you might break your window so do it next to the agent.

Ammaro said...

thats a great photo

Islander said...

haha i kno how i feel!! first time a moth got into my bedroom in my appt in melb i slept in the sitting room for 2 days... then finaly went to reception and got the biggest guy i found to come kill it.. he actualy laughed his head off when he saw its size.. it was tiny (according to him that is.. to me it looked like a small bird)

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Wish it was that easy.

The pic was taken with the new camera ;)

LOL @ Sunshine! I know what you mean. We were in Chicago last week and I saw the biggest fly I have ever seen in my life there. It hovered around like an aircraft.

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