Shusma said...

Did you take this picture?

Shusma said...

I wish I knew how to create an aggregating system for all female Arab bloggers. Like Qwaiders but one that just the women would be fed into. Any ideas?

I am so tired of ignorant Americans saying that Arab women are so meek and submissive and don't care about politics because blah blah blah. The overwhelming majority of Arab female bloggers are opinionated and very intelligent. So it would be nice to direct all those idiots to a website where they can hear everything that women have to say about EVERYTHING, not just politics.

programmer craig said...

I am so tired of ignorant Americans saying that Arab women are so meek and submissive and don't care about politics because blah blah blah.

You've never heard an American say that, liar. You're just fabricating a pretext to insult teh Americans you've been leeching off of for your whole life.

So it would be nice to direct all those idiots to a website...

As if any American would waste one second listening to somebody who is so clearly an anti-American bigot as you.

And you REALLY gain credibility with Americans by using the picture of an infamous Palestinian terrorist who hijacked an American passenger jet in 1969 as your blogger avatar. Do you show them that before or after you call them idiots? Before or after you offer them your oh-so-valuable advice?

The best advice YOU could follow if you actually wanted to influence Americans favorably is to shut the hell up and never voice your opinions in public, again. Because Americans are at war with people like you. You are the enemy. You. Catholic Sunni Shia. You are what we are trying to destroy.

And don't even try to play that "I'm not a Muslim" shit with me. You aren't the first so-called Christian Arab I've met who is completely insane.

Shusma said...

Programmer Craig can you please sum up your comment with a :( or a :) because I don't read your mindless babble anymore dragon boy.


SillyBahrainiGirl said...

To answer question 1: Yes, I took that picture

To answer question 2: An all female Arab bloggers aggregator would be awesome. Lemme gather some information on how to start and I will drop you an email.

I was just at Blogher and this could be another project we could present there next year. Will email you more details :)

As for the stated motive (ignorant idiots, etc), I would have worded it in a less confrontational manner...but yes, there is a lot of misunderstanding and an underestimation of women both inside our countries and abroad.

Programmer Craig,
Please don't take it personally. I am not siding with CSS here but academia and tuned on Americans aside, I always get questions like: shouldn't you be covered up? How come you speak English? Can you drive? Do you need your husband's permission to leave the house? etc etc..

There is a gross misunderstanding of women in the region and beyond and bringing out some of the voices on a platform is a great idea, which deserves some work put into it.

Leaving your spat with CSS aside, what do you think?

programmer craig said...


Leaving your spat with CSS aside, what do you think?

Well, I won't comment about the "academics" other than to say they are largely responsible for the misunderstanding Americans have about other parts of the world.

Do you think Arabs understand the situation of American women? Or western women in general? I frequently see them disparaged as "sluts" and other demeaning comments by Arab guys, on blogs. And I've seen Arab guys (Saudi, actually) treat American women quite badly. Here in the US.

I don't know who you hear these kinds of comments from, but here in Los Angeles where I live there are quite a few Arabs, and even more Iranians. Most of us have Arab and Iranian Muslim women as co-workers. Neighbors. Etc. The last time I saw a woman in a hijab was about 6 months ago, at the mall. I did see two Iranian women in chadors once, but that was over 3 years ago. As far as I can tell Arab and Iranian women aren't any different than American women. I don't understand what kinds of Americans you are encountering who might be saying these kinds of things? There are ignorant people around (I used to run into a lot of people who though Chinese women weer subservient, when I was married to a Chinese woman. The truth is pretty much the opposite!) but they are a distinct minority, don't you think?

As far as CSS's proposal, that's all well and good, but if the plan is to actually educate people who don't know any better, those people probably don't read blogs or internet forums at all, let alone Arab blogs and forums.

Maybe some sort of media outreach program? I'm always wondering why the only Arabs we ever see on US news are people like CSS - people who are hostile and abrasive. CSS couldn't change any Americans mind for the better about Arabs no matter how hard she tried. And furthermore, I doubt that's even her intent. What does she care about the opinions of people she hates?

(sorry to bring CSS back into it, but it was her "idea")

Well, anyway... bottom line... I think an honest and sincere cultural outreach program might work. I wish you more success with it than the US has had trying to do the same thing :)

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

hehe.. of course women are grossly misunderstood. There is no doubt about it. There is also no doubt that some of us who don't bother with learning about others have preconceived notions and stereotypes, like the example you gave about submissive Chinese women, etc.

Building bridges is important and outreach programmes even more so at this time when the means for communication is available and anyone bothered to familiarise him/herself with any issue can do so at the click of a button :)

As for the people I have met who weren't as fortunate as you are - they included students, officials, doctors, diplomats and PHD holders.. as well as your average American and Canadian, who roll their eyes every time I explain to them where Bahrain is!

Ammaro said...


Isn't that in California?

Ammaro said...

Prog.Craig; i'm not trying to put your opinions or ideas down, but the truth is, unfortunately, that there are quite a number of American people, or lets say Westerners in general, who think that women in Arab countries are restricted. I have to admit, TV and the image portrayed of Arabs in movies, and even the news, probably has a lot to do with it.

My wife did a speech a few months ago at Harvard, part of a MidEast-US understanding event. Lots of scholars there. Her speech talked about women in the Middle-East, and their realities as compared to the image of restricted, submissive, slave-like covered women that they are usually seen as.

After the speech, she was actually confronted by a number of scholars who actually told her, this isn't the reality of Middle-East women. Now, I don't mean to be blunt, but these so called "scholars" haven't been to the middle east, and base their information on what they read, which isn't necessarily true. But of course, they're all big scholars and 'knowitalls'. So obviously they have to be right.

Sure, there are some who know the reality, but many who don't. Not through much fault of theirs, may I add.

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