Nothing much happening here.. It's summer.. and needless to say there are zillions of outdoor activities and lots of fun.

We can now enjoy the parks and sit in outdoor restaurants and cafes.. just like the Beer Gardens in Germany!

The best thing about this summer is that I have a whole "gang" coming from Bahrain. I sure am adding to the number of tourists coming to Canada! I am contributing positively to the national economy I suppose :)

My cousin arrives on July 1 which is Canada Day .. yey!! Double celebrations for us!! The week after that, my sister and sister-in-law will arrive - bringing chaos and mayhem, lots of driving, outings and of course my favourite pass time of all - shopping!

I really can't wait for the boredom and loneliness are having their toll and my visitors are more than welcome. On our itinerary are whirlwind tours of Montreal, New York and Chicago.. and of course.. important landmarks here in Southern Ontario! We have until the second week of August to kill!!

I just can't wait..


الأغاني للرأفتاني said...

we; the New Yorkers; can not wait either to welcome you here in New york. I hope you have a great summer and enjoy some time off

Ammaro said...

oh man... i miss NY...

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

me too .. and it's only been a few months since I was there :(

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