Dear People,

Although I never delete comments - not that there are thousands of them - I found myself wondering about a comment left on one of my previous entries.

At first.. I left it as is.. and then I remembered that our blogs are being watched.. and then I told myself.. it wasn't me.. it was someone anonymous who has left the comment .. so I cannot be held responsible for what others are writing and thinking.

I went to sleep on that note.. but it remained at the back of my head. While I couldn't wake up to delete the comment because I was too sleepy and tired.. I couldn't sleep as if there was nothing.

So... to avoid giving me grief and making me worry and panic over my safety and peace of mind.. let's observe some ground rules here:

1. Remember that you are not free to comment as you please; that freedom has rules which are too complicated and difficult to put in black and white.

2. Please refrain from speaking your mind without any reservations; Don't write things which you think might remotely get me into trouble. Show some courtesy and some concern for my safety. I am a Bahraini after all.. and the same rules and system apply to me.

3. Self-censorship should be implemented at all times. If you have strong ideas and views, please use any host service and put up your own blog.. and rant and rave there as you please.

4. Keep in mind at all times that this is a spontaneous silly blog - and I only post things at the spur of the moment.. typing faster than ideas come to my head .. and usually in between other chores.. I am the multi-tasking master of my time :)

5. Under no circumstances you are allowed to refer to either directly or remotely to the Bahraini Royal Family in your comments. That is a red line you cannot cross and shouldn't at my expense. Of course, you can praise them .. but do not dare call them names here.

Otherwise, all other comments are welcome.


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