Everyone has strong opinions when it comes to jobs, the job market, work ethics, education, training and lazy Bahrainis who want everything handed to them on a golden platter.

We have had a good debate going on in Bahraini blogs over the past few weeks.. and to put all the ideas together and generate more of an interest and feedback as well as tangible ideas and perhaps even a job's market where people can post vacancies and we can put them in touch with potential employees, yada yada yada .. I am ready to volunteer my time and effort to develop an online forum .. erm .. a blog .. and put all those ideas under one roof.

If you are interested in sharing your ideas, please leave a comment here or email me (wordsword at gmail dot com) and I will put all the ideas together and come up with a design and plan over the next week days.

If (and you have the full right to do so), you think this is another silly idea, which is just a waste of time and effort, then just forget it and let's move on :)


Anonymous said...

Silly, I'm really interested in your proposal. Although I have to admit that I have no experience in the Bahraini market.

I've been on both sides of an interview panel a few times, and have a 9/10 success rate if I'm the interviewee.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Evil O,
Once you are back from your 'holiday' .. we can start..

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