I fully agree with everyone who posted as well as those who rolled their eyes in bewilderment, thinking what that crack pot sitting on her fat juicy arse in Canada has got to say..

Yes.. Bahrainis are lazy and want everything handed to them on a silver platter - from that smart house which turns itself on with the flick of a button (or is it buttom??) to that sparkling ride (wine?? eh? anyone :))

Sigh! Yes. We sure are a lazy bunch..we want everything and do you know why? It is because the Lord Almighty gave us eyes to see.. to see lazy anal demented cross-bred beings getting everything they want and others carving rocks with their bare (bear??) hands and not getting everything at their beck and call...

It is after all a small country.. what goes around, comes around.. It isn't called Wonderland for nothing you know :)


Qassoom said...



YEEEEEEEES! That's why ;-)

Work hard = nothing!

Be lazy but have a parents from (...) = everything! :-D

TC! ;-)

The Hashemite prince said...
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ThinkPink said...

Wonderland! Gotta' luv it *winks*

A new business series started hitting BTV land2sat channels tonight, it's about doing business in wonderland and how to go about it, sort of like encouraging more local startups but none of the well-known international/local companies wanted to appear in it, i wonder why now? *Grins* That should be renamed to Made in Wonderland!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

I don't usually delete or edit comments .. but for my safety .. I will have to mess about with the Hashemite Prince's comment.

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