Some people are just so weird... I don't know whether they realise how dumb they are .. or are just content lying to themselves and telling themselves everyday how smart they are.

Many lie and believe their own lies. Those are good liars and I applaud them for their skills and the mental games they play on themselves and others. I once knew a girl who would lie so much that she would actually start believing her lies to the extent that she would feel the pains and sufferings of her creation and sympathise with the new her. Needless to say, this girl is now happily married - with children. I roll my eyes in horror thinking what those little brats would learn from that mistress of conniving.

Others suck at lying.. and those are the ones who crack me up .. because I am left with two choices: either to play along with them and make them believe that I believe their lie as if it were the truth and that I can't see through it which is really confusing .. or blow their cover and ask stupid questions like: but you said something different the other day??!!

It just baffles me why people lie..But then I am does it really matter?


Ammaro said...

not necessarily weirdos... With lying, they can turn an otherwise bland and boring life into something filled with more excitement. After all, what you believe you life to be is all in your head, isn't it.

You didn't mention what the specific case of lying was and how it affected you?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Ammar. Yes.. what your life is is all something in your head.

I wasn't talking about a specific incident or situation.. and it was just a general comment on how some people are hypocrites.. and how they either end up believing the lies they have woven about themselves and living and basking in its glory and how there are lousy liars.. who cannot hold a consistent lie and who continue to weave new stories everytime you talk to them.

I, like many, are effected by it all because it puts us in an awkward position. Can you tell a liar he/she is a liar in his/her face?

Cradle of Humanity said...

I really like this post Amira. Maybe because I can relate to it so much. It also feels it is written with passion, hence Ammar's question about what sparked it.

I don't know why some people lie this much. At times I felt that lies were all around I was about to lose faith- in everything.

I am glad I did not.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks CoL .. I know how you feel..

bint battuta said...

This really strikes a chord... In my experience, there are people who don't exactly lie, but are in a kind of denial, and fabricate things as a way of avoiding any responsibility for their actions. And nothing you say can make them see what they are doing...

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