This is a picture of a poppy I took a few days ago at the Royal Botanical Garden. It's colour was out of this world!


Zainal said...

nice :)

side note: ppl find it hard to post comments when you have "Word Verification and login accounts" enabled , try and make it more accessible :)

Cerebralwaste said...

AMEN xmlrpc! I agree 100%. The word verification is a royal PAIN in the A$$ SBG. A ROYAL PAIN. Please consider dumping this.. PLEASE!!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

While I fully agree with that .. as so say the truth all this circumnavigation to post a comment or even a post is driving me nuts .. I find myself between an anvil and a hammer. There are disrespectful people out there who simply don't understand how much damage they can cause by leaving outrageous comments. I have tried removing the hurdles a few times.. and the results have always been unwelcome to say the least! Sorry folks.. until our society matures a bit..

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

haha.. guess what? I had to post this comment three times .. before it worked! wrong password said the bugger!!

Cerebralwaste said...

At least in Egypt a blog owner is not responable for any comments left by visitors according to a new ruling I read about by the Blog Father himself. Which of course is good news all around. Perhaps some of that common sense will bleed over to other nations. (I can hope right?)

I fully understand the situation you are in SBG. It is sad that some asshats feel the need to make even bigger assholes out of themselves with comments they leave. Fully aware of what could happen. It is high time people on all sides of the fence with this issue GROW UP.

Have a GREAT weekend My Lady. I will talk to you next week. Please say hello tot he good Doc for me as well.

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