since i am in a moaning mood .. let it be known that I, sillybahrainigirl, cannot and am in no mood to shake the lazy bug off!

to lift my spirits, my good friend has played around with my template, giving the silly girl within me a new look, and adding the fact that I will be speaking at the BlogHer conference in Chicago later next month to the sidebar.

surprise, surprise... haha .. looking at the skinny version of the silly girl is making me sulk some more.. as I have been steadily and surely amassing extra kilograms to my bulk eith every passing minute.

it seems that i have developed the ability to put on weight by simply breathing and
whatever i do - or to be frank - not do .. isn't helping.

my only form of exercise seems to be going to the supermarket and loading my cart with food, which i feel duty-bound to eat .. otherwise it would go to waste. Now, God doesn't like those who waste.. does He? Does exercising the mouth when chewing and swallowing amount to actual exercise?


ThinkPink said...

Congrats SBG on being one of the speakers at BlogHer :)

As for exercise, have you seen those donair subs at wallmart or any of the stores around.

Try some of those and then honey, i mean real bees' honey *smiles* If you go over to the kitchen area at Wendy's or Tim Hortons, they've got plenty of that honey, give them a twoonie for 500ml and come away with some. And honey right in the morning and anything else goes *winks and grins*

Blog about it after you see any noticeable weigh loss *smiles*

El-Gizuli said...

how are you dear?

don't be disheartened by those kilos you've accumulated. Just do what I do.
1- Mentally, remind yourself every hour of the day of the two seven deadly sins; laziness and gluttony.
2-Physically, remind yourself by exposing to yourself those curves we aren't happy with all the time you're home alone

Hope that helps


Cerebralwaste said...

Just GET OVER IT.... Plain and simple SBG. GET OVER IT and GET ON WITH IT.

Now don't you feel better already?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks .. I feel better already .. I feel real good. I really do!

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