When I was in Bahrain.. I used to stay in bed ..sometimes until someone from my office called me to check if I was going to work! Many a times, my boss would wake me up, pulling me out of bed to my desk. Sometimes, it was my secretary wondering if I would ever show up for breakfast! Even the big man called me to his office a few times, telling me that I should set an example for others and make an attempt to at least pull up into the car park before him! It was that bad!

Being a night creature, I would sleep-live my days and jump to life the minute I left the office after a good solid average 10-hour stint at work. My motto in life was: work hard and party harder. And since my daytime hours were burned in the office..I had to spend as much time on other extra-curricula activities, and make a show for an otherwise unworthy life.

But sleep had it's special place. I would hit the sack any time after 3am and go into deep deep sleep .. like the one I am yearning for now .. and only wake up when that dreaded phone rings .. with someone telling me that there has been an accident/fire/murder .. or checking if I had arranged for a photographer or a reporter to cover a Press conference. The fuckers had a way of calling just as I was about to get into the best phase of sleep.. which is usually interrupted by having to wake up.

Being the bitch it is.. life sure continues to play its tricks on me.. and now that I am my own boss and can sleep and wake up at my whim.. I am wide awake at 6am on the dot.. everyday..sunshine or rain.. snowstorm or fucking blizzard.. friday is like saturday is like tuesday.. everyday is the same.. 6am on the dot .. my eyes open wide and no matter what I do.. I just can't go back to fucking sleep.

YAWN! And today... just today .. I am wide awake and it's 1am. ONE fucking am. And I can't sleep. Do you think a cup of coffee would do it for me? That's another thing to prove that I am a freak of nature: coffee makes me drowsy and sleepy!

Good morning world!


Mindplague said...

You are not alone. Coffee makes me sleepy too. I want to spit at the closed minded that find food a stimulant for the brain. Pathetic losers.

BuZain said...

This reminds me of someone I know very well and has the exact same problem.

Ohh god, this someone is me :(

Unknown said...

at least your getting sleep.. i just came back from my thesis presentation... and im on my 3rd day of no sleep... im going to hit the sack right after i finish typing this.......

Um Naief said...

u know... u remind me of me :)

i cant sleep in for nothing, esp nowadays, even w/ a lack of sleep. sometimes i'd give anything to sleep like you used to... and the way my husband does.

i read ur gdn article. good one. when ppl find out i converted, that's the first question from their mouths... and then to tell me i made the wrong choice.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

I really am glad I am not alone!!
Coffee anyone? LOL!

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