Just a quick thought as I am on my way out .. and since it is not that cold .. I might take the liberty of dressing down today and leaving my hat and scarf at home! Since it is only -2C (feels like -6C).. I think a mini-skirt with those slutty boots and that bright red leather jacket will be appropriate! On second thoughts, why should I invite women to stare at me and even come and approach me and give me a lesson on the importance of being virtuous and modest in my attire!

This brings me to today's topic:
1. Do you think that had I been with my husband or any other man.. a woman would dare approach me and talk to me about the importance of being earnest.. oops.. I mean .. modest?

2. Do you think that women are their own enemies? that some women work double shifts just to ensure that other women suffer?

3. On a serious note, do you think it is OK to carry a yellow fluorescent bag when you are wearing a black mini-skirt, a red jacket and black boots? hahaha


Okavango Delta said...

I believe in this motto: "Follow your bliss, do whatever makes you happy".

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Hey Odd! Wassssssssssssssssssssup?
You have been missed - A LOT!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

LOL! Besides.. anyone who knows me would realise that as bold as I could sometimes be.. I wouldn't ever dare buy a red leather jacket..OK.. and even if I ever did buy one on one of those impulsive buying trips..I would still not dare wear it!

Anonymous said...

I really hope you are celebrating (with durbanka and lots of jingly dingly bits) the fact that my first post in over more than a year was on your blog...

Did I miss much?

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