When MEOW could land you in jail .. you know you are heading full speed head on into a HARD brick wall. When you are as silly as I am, you sometimes do things without realising what their consequences are. My close friends and sisters will tell you that I sometimes greet people with a purrrr...

On days, I am in a good mood, you could get a full-fledged MEOW. Now I have to worry and watch my back.. for in Wonderland.. even silliness should be constrained, controlled, suspected, questioned, investigated and prosecuted.

I read this in the paper a few minutes ago:

TWO Wonderlandi youngsters, who were poking fun at policemen by making animal sounds, have been arrested.
"The two defendants, aged 18 and 20 years, were walking in a Muharraq street when a police patrol passed by," Public Prosecutor Mohammed Al Aradi said yesterday.
"One of the defendants started making animal sounds with the intention of irritating the police officers.
"When police stopped and asked them who was making the sounds, they both denied it was them.
"Both were taken to the police station, where they insisted that it was not them."
They were charged with insulting police officers and their case has been transferred to court.

I am speech...erm...rather I am MEOWless.

I will have to MEOW myself until my voice goes hoarse while I am here in Canada .. for when I go back to Wonderland my purring and any other animal sound I fancy mimicking could take me behind the sun!

nite nite people.. I better fulfil my desire to MEOW while I am still in the Land of the Free!


SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Dear Costa,
You are right.. I couldn't sleep last night worried sick about this entry.. so I will go back now and remove all the offending words.

And yes.. I have had children making silly sounds at me .. and NO I didn't call the police for them because they were just being silly children.

Police are supposed to maintain law and order as well as serve people and not be in a constant battle and confrontation with people.

Nurox, glad we see eye to eye.. MEOW

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I wonder what would have happened if they had grunted like pigs and chatted "Off the pigs" as we used to taunt the police in the "6o's in the US. I guess they would just "disappear".

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Pebbles, LOL! Yes.. that would have done it .. and those boys would sure never be heard of again! Pig grunts indeed! I am now really intrigued and would want to really know what animal sounds they made.

Costa-Guy,I agree with you on my sometimes colourful vocabulary. It annoys my better half too because I don't use it in normal everyday speech with family and friends. LOL! The last time I swore in public was when I used to work full-time!

I also don't use it in my other writings.

The thing is that a blog has a personal nature to it and it is a space where you can break almost all the rules associated with writing and publishing. This is what people don't understand and will never understand. This is what policy-makers and governments do not want to comprehend. A blog is your private online diary. I am giving you the privilege of getting into my mind and reading my thoughts. It isn't an official document. It isn't checked or balanced. It isn't THAT censored. And it isn't edited for adult content.

And YES. I am polite whenever I want to be. I am more polite in person than I am online .. unless of course I have no respect to the person I am addressing :)

So all those people out there I have ever been rude to: here's true plain and simple truth: I HAVE ZERO RESPECT for you.

David Sasaki said...

It annoys my better half too because I don't use it in normal everyday speech with family and friends.

Wait ... does that mean I'm not your friend?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Of course you are Oso.. do you see me swearing in front of you? I usually behave myself in public!! At least.. I think I do..

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