Happy International Women's Day everyone. I have expressed my official, politically correct and sombre sentiments on the day in my column which appeared in the Gulf Daily News today. haha.. yes I am coming out of the closet and admitting for the first time in print that Silly Bahraini Girl is no other than Amira Al Hussaini. I know some of you will clap while others will puke.. and since both involve you reacting and getting things off your chests - be my guests. (Here's a link to the column in case you are wondering what I am blabbering about .. not that blabbering is a bad thing, mind you .. but we aren't talking about blabbering .. are we?)

Anyway, here are my politically incorrect thoughts, which I can write here and anger just those who took it upon themselves to tap into my blog. You see the difference: with a newspaper article, I self-censor myself because the poor people may unknowingly read something and get scandalised. Here, you read at your own risk, because you know you are entering SILLY territory. So those who think they are too gentile to read profanities online, fuck off!

Or you know what.. because I am a woman.. because I suffer from mood swings.. which include PMS, post-PMS and pre-PMS, I have changed my mind and will spare you today's rant.

Yes. I have gone totally crazy. I don't really know why I am so angry this morning. I really don't.

Something is amiss.. and I can't put my finger on it. It is because we are celebrating the International Woman's Day yet again in a world so unjust and mean to all the sisters, daughters, mothers, wives, lovers and prostitutes out there? Is it because men with small pricks cannot rest in peace unless their women are shackled? Is it because women are items, pieces of property, with no say in anything in their lives? Is it because we women are yet to be reckoned with as equals, as peers and as real partners in life? If we were men, would men dare treat us the way they do? If we has dicks dangling between our legs, would we have gotten more respect and recognition? Do you really need a penis - even one with erectile dysfunction - to leave your imprint on society?

If so, what is the difference between men and their fucking tails and all the other animals with tails out there? Thank goodness we evolved. This is why we are a class apart!

Happy women's day!


Unknown said...

Happy women's day !

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks a million :)

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